We can provide you a complete swimming pool or the equipment of leisures which you wish :
  • Water parks
  • Toboggans
  • Figurines
  • Zones splash
  • Zones of leisures
  • Swimming pool with waves

You can download the booklet of presentation of our offer while clicking on     download   

Piscines         Construction of covered swimming pool or in the open air with all the lawful functionalities :
        • Frequentation (1 bather per m2 in covered swimming pool and 3 per m2 into
          full air),
        • Choice of the establishment compared to the possible frequentation,
        • Acoustic quality of the environment (rustled in covered swimming pool),
        • Hygienes and security (infirmary, surveillence, access to the basins while
          passing by showers and foot baths),
        • General aspect integrating all the networks with sheaths and drains thus
          that the access for control and maintenance,
        • Fitting of interior decoration for the relaxation and the environment of
          swimming pool while preserving a sedentary aspect for the users.

Installations :

zone de loisirs

        • Our company deals of the design, the manufacturing and of the
           installation of the tobbogans which you will have chosen,,

        • The Splash Zones, and of Leisures are flexible with your convenence,

        • Dancing waters, figurines can decorate your installations.

parcs aquatiques        figurines
zone splash        figurines

Swimming pool with waves

Piscine à vagues
        • The machines with waves can realize up to 6 types of waves

        • Width of 4 m à 30 m,

        • Height of the waves of 30 cm to 1.5 m according to adjustment.