We conceive several types of ground :
  • Porous concrete / asphalt : (Quick)
  • Natural beaten ground
  • Synthetic beaten ground
  • Synthetic grass
  • Synthetic resin

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Standard ground porous Concrete / Asphalt

beton poreux
Data sheet
Benefits :
        • Very little maintenance,
        • Accessible cost of construction,
        • Fast construction,
        • Allows to play by all times.

Disadvantages :
        • Far from damping, the articulations of the players are not protected,
        • Dangerous in the event of degradations :
                o shift of the flagstones,
                o crackings,
                o disintegrations, etc.

Regular maintenance :
        • Sweeping,
        • Cleaning high pressure when necessary,
        • Annual anti-foamer treatment.

Standard Natural beaten ground

Data sheet
Benefits :
        • deadening, the articulations of the players are protected, the wounds
        • Quality of the game, the beaten ground allows a slower game and thus
            of to develop a perfect technique,
        • Ecological, the crushed brick and Craon result from not toxic careers,
        • Perenniality, a tennis court out of beaten ground lasts on average
             between 30 and 40 years if it is well maintained.

Disadvantages :
        • Obligatory annual repairing,
        • Maintenance and daily watering.

Regular maintenance :
        • Sweeping,
        • Watering,
        • Annual anti-foamer treatment,
        • Annual spring restoration.

Standard Syntetic beaten ground

terre batue synthétique
Data sheet
Benefits :
        • True court of comfort,
        • Resistance of the wire polyethylene,
        • Stability of the color,
        • The climatic influences do not have an effect because of permeability of
        • The in love ones with the beaten ground will find the same feelings of.

Disadvantages :
        • Advised annual repairing.

Regular maintenance :
        • Sweeping of the sheets,
        • Net sledge with hand,
        • Sweeping of the lines.

Standard ground Synthetic Grass

gazon synthétique Benefits :
        • Very little maintenance,
        • Playable by all times,
        • Pleasant game, slips controlled,
        • Does not fissure.

Disadvantages :
        • Price higher than of the natural grass, between 25 and 45 € of the
             square meter,
        • More indicated for a sport of leisure than of competition.

Regular maintenance :
        • Drag,
        • Annual anti-foamer treatment.

Standard ground Synthetic Resin

Data sheet
Benefits :
        • Impermeability, absence of expansion joints,
        • Elasticity of the ground,
        • Perfect adherence, even in the event of rain,
        • Silencer :
                o not of noise of race,
                o not of noise of rebound of ball.
        • Great choice of colour.

Disadvantages :
        • Difficult realization,
        • Important building site,
        • Require a new coating every approximately 7 years
                (the resin is fragile, it fears the bad weather).

Regular maintenance :
        • Sweeping,
        • Cleaning high pressure monthly magazine,
        • Annual anti-foamer treatment.

Which is the cost of construction

construction construction

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Attention, each building site is single, various factors influential on the final price :
        - number of grounds,
        - nature of the earthworks
                (evacuation or not of spoil, purges bad possible materials, treatment of ground of the original ground, etc.),
        - cost of transport
                (career of source of the fine gravels or place of the bituminous mix power station),
        - variation of the raw material costs
                (gravel, cement, steel, oil),
        - restoration with destruction or not of the old support,